Personal Insurance

It’s all about getting the protection you need no matter the circumstance. Covering your personal items like your vehicle or the home you’ve worked so hard to have and maintain. It starts with a simple quote or you can even consult a Parr expert to make sure you’re never overpaying or are getting lost in the details.


Homeowners Insurance 

Owning a home is a huge investment, so you need to make sure you are protected against disasters. 

Homeowners insurance covers you not only for damage to what you own, but also keep you protected against liability issues and damages to others on your property. 

Parr wants to get you the best protection possible and a lot of people don’t fully understand all of the options out there. We’ve also got your condo and renters insurance needs covered as well. 


Auto Insurance 

There a lot of options of car insurance–that’s why you see so many ads. But the bottomline is that people just want reliable coverage that has a lower rate. It really isn’t that difficult. 

It starts with a quick quote and then you can follow up with questions or meet with a Parr rep so there’s no doubt you’re covered. 


LegalShield & IDShield

IDShield is the most popular protection product from LegalShield. With the digital world not slowing down, protecting yourself and your identity has never been more important. You need comprehensive monitoring and protection, but most people don’t have the time or resources to constantly monitor it themselves. 

Get notified immediately for unauthorized transactions and activity and you can even track any changes to your credit score. 

You can get a plan tailored to your situation so you have peace of mind, protection and support.



You can never be too safe in a world of doubt. This “extra” insurance policy protects you against major claims and lawsuits that could potentially harm your assets, as well as your future. In addition, it provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies.  

Thinking about taking that extra step? Discover all the benefits you’ll receive.


Personal Articles

You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets and personal possessions. Your basic homeowner’s insurance provides certain coverage options for your belongings. But oftentimes, you’ll need to protect items that are beyond pre-set values, or for unforeseen circumstances such as a diamond falling out of an earring. 

It’s not just jewelry, but think about firearms, furs, golf equipment, rare art, silverware and china, musical and computer equipment. 

Do you need coverage for your personal articles? Let an expert help you answer that with a quick evaluation from a Parr expert.