We help you coordinate your insurance plans so you can confidently enjoy life and leave the legacy you desire.

Let Us Show You How

You deserve more from your insurance

Most people first purchase insurance because they need to protect themselves from accidents or to be covered when the unexpected happens. Once they find the best price for what they need they go about their life without thinking about it again and hope they don’t need to use it. Your insurance should do more than protect you from accidents.

You deserve insurance coverage that protects you, but more importantly, that helps position you to live the lifestyle you desire as you get older. You deserve an insurance agency that will work with you to make sure all of your policies work together and align around your goals. You deserve an insurance agent that knows your story and is invested in you. You deserve more.

At Parr Insurance we promise to always…

  • Listen to understand your specific needs and goals
  • Provide relevant and competitive insurance solutions for you, your family and your business
  • Use language that you understand
  • Advocate for you
  • Personally keep you informed about changes to your insurance without the fine print
  • Evaluate your insurance landscape annually to ensure your policies remain relevant to your needs


“Eric Parr is always available to answer our questions. He came out to the house four or five times to review our options. We’re taking the policies and pushing them out so that our kids have money later in life.”

Col. Jeff McQuillen

“I had a very old 401k. We just needed some financial guidance and for someone qualified to over the insurance that we did have to make sure that was in line. These normal things that people our age should be doing, most of us have no knowledge of how to navigate them.”

Lu Radebaugh

“Eric and his team actually spent time explaining things to me. There was one policy on my wife’s former plan that he did not even move over. He has sincere concern for my best interests.”

Ralph Kelsay



Getting answers to your questions and quotes you can understand shouldn’t be frustrating. We help seniors 65+ understand all their medicare options and walk through the enrollment process with them.

Are you ready for a different insurance experience?

Talk to an agent

  • We will learn more about your needs and educate you on your options.

Develop a Strategy

  • We will help you develop a comprehensive and coordinated insurance strategy that fits your needs

Live Your Life

  • Spend time with your family, travel the country, and enjoy life knowing that you are truly protected.

You deserve an insurance agency that knows your name and really cares about you

Since 1964, we have proudly provided thousands of individuals and families peace of mind through insurance. We understand that, for many, insurance is complicated and confusing. Oftentimes you are treated like a number and expected to fit into a one-size-fits-all policy based on a few relevant data points. You’ve known that you deserve more but weren’t sure how to change anything.

At Parr Insurance, we start by listening. We want to know you first and foremost to understand your obstacles, needs, and goals. Then, using our years of expertise and vast resources, we find the best insurance solution for you.