Life Insurance

Thinking about life after death can be a daunting process, but for the future and sake of your family, you do so anyway to keep them protected.

Life insurance is a safety net. It’s a contract with an insurance company and promises that after your death, the person or people you include as beneficiaries will be paid out. 

The options are constantly changing and you should have to guess and be unsure. Choosing the right options for you could be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking at or find yourself overwhelmed with what you’re seeing. 

At Parr Insurance, we want to first and foremost, answer your questions. Then present you with a solid plan and let you decide what’s best. Even if you feel like you’ll keep your family in good hands for many more years to come, don’t leave a wide gap uncovered and risk the chance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance


Final Expense

Ever hear the phrase “dying is expensive?” Well, a lot of the times it is for most mid to low class families. There’s covering medical bills, funeral expenses and the burial to think about, along with other finances that come after those are paid off. 

Final expense insurance is a whole life insurance that will cover medical, funeral and burial expenses. There are also many features that come with it, including, but not limited to: whole life insurance, cash value, fixed premiums (as long as they’re paid) and affordable rates. 

Here at Parr Insurance, we want to deliver you the best Final Expense policies possible, which is why we will work with you closely and determine you and your family’s exact needs.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Final Expense Policies


Funeral Trust

A lot of the time, even when you think you’re prepared for a loved one’s death, it can still leave you distraught and unable to organize your thoughts and determine the right decisions.  Thinking about funeral expenses should be the least of your loved one’s worries. 

A funeral trust takes away that burden of worrying over expenses, so you can spend more time focussing on grieving the one you lost. With a funeral trust, you can pay funeral expenses in advance, sparing loved one’s the pain of making a lot of hard decisions. 

We want to lessen the blow in whatever way we can, which is why Parr Insurance will prepare a funeral trust for you so that it gives your loved ones less to worry about. 

There’s a lot that goes into building a funeral trust. Speak with one of our agents in order to be prepared and so that your family’s not left with any unwelcome surprises. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Trusts