It’s a simple question: are you getting the best annuity possible? The answer, however, isn’t always simple. Where do you start and how can you get a real evaluation of your situation and annuity. 

The Parr team can take a quick look at your payouts and structure to ensure you’re getting the most out of your settlement or agreement. 

Annuities are investment products that have two stages.

1) The accumulation stage where you are putting a lump sum or regular payments towards the annuity with the idea of saving for the future. 

2) The annuitization or payout stage where a regular and guaranteed amount of money is coming for a specific amount of time. 

SPIA’s or Single Premium Immediate Annuities are common retirement tools and are also used often as structured settlements from court cases.  A good example is lifetime payments for the victim of a bad car crash. 

Because of the guaranteed income from a SPIA these are a great supplement to Social Security income.

We specialize in getting you the best annuities possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Annuities